The Duke of Noto and Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune to Marry in Palermo in 2021

Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune

Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Noto, and Lady Charlotte Diana Lindesay-Bethune will marry in Palermo in September 2021. Their union will take place ninety years after the 1931 nuptials of the Count and Countess of Paris, the groom’s great-grandparents, and in the same location.

Jaime and Charlotte with Gianfranco Miccichè

The president of the Sicilian regional assembly, Gianfranco Miccichè, recently met with Jaime and Charlotte. Miccichè stated: « I am very happy to host in this wonderful Royal Palace, which was also the home of the Bourbons of the Two Sicilies, the wedding reception of a descendant of the dynasty. »

The wedding of the eldest child of Prince Pedro, Duke of Calabria, and the youngest child of the 16th Earl of Lindsay will be celebrated in the Cathedral of Palermo. The wedding reception will take place at the the Palazzo dei Normanni.

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