The Current State of the Princely House of Kohary

King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria with Princess Marie-Louise.

On 5 May 2015, King Simeon II issued an ukase from Vrana Palace. In this document, the king ceded the title of Fürstin von Kohary, with the style of Highness, to his sister Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria. 

Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
Princess Maria Antonia von Kohary.

In the ukase, His Majesty made reference to his and his sister’s descent from Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and his wife Princess Maria Antonia von Kohary. Maria Antonia was the only surviving child of Count Ferenc József Koháry de Csábrág et Szitnya and his wife Countess Maria Antonia von Waldstein-Wartenberg. On 15 November 1815, Ferenc József was granted the title Fürst von Kohary by the Emperor of Austria. Two weeks later, on 30 November 1815, Ferenc József’s daughter Maria Antonia married Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, son of Duke Franz of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld and Countess Augusta Reuß zu Ebersdorf. 

The wedding of Princess Maria Luisa and Bronislaw Chrobok.
Photo (c) King Simeon II.

His Majesty decreed that the title is hereditary to the descendants of Princess Marie Louise by her second marriage to Bronisław Chrobok, whom she married in 1969. The princess and Mr Chrobok have two children: Alexandra-Nadejda Chrobok (b.1970) and Pawel (Paul) Alastair Antoni Chrobok (b.1972). In 2001, Alexandra Chrobok married Jorge Champalimaud Raposo de Magalhães (b.1970); the couple have three children: Louis Raposo de Magalhães, Jeanne Raposo de Magalhães and Clémentine Raposo de Magalhães. Pawel Chrobok married Ariana Oliver Mas; the couple have two children: Maya Chrobok (b.2015) and Alexander-Ferdinand Chrobok (b.2017). As a result of this ukase, Alexandra Chrobok became Her Highness Alexandra Chrobok, Princess von Kohary, and Pawel Chrobok became His Highness Pawel Chrobok, Prince von Kohary. The grandchildren of Princess Marie Louise by her second marriage presumably also already bear the style and title His/Her Highness Prince(ss) von Kohary. 



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