The 80th Birthday of Princess Anastasia-Luise of Saxony, Margravine of Meißen


Princess Anastasia Louise, Margravine of Meißen.


On 22 December 1940, Princess Anastasia-Luise Alexandra Elisabeth Jutta Sibylle Marie-Auguste Henriette of Anhalt was born at Regensburg. 

Prince Eugen and Princess Anastasia of Anhalt on their wedding day.

The princess was the only child of Prince Eugen of Anhalt (1903-1980) and his wife Princess Anastasia (1901-1970; née Jungmeier). Eugen was the son of Duke Eduard of Anhalt (1861-1918) and Princess Luise of Saxe-Altenburg (1873-1953). Anastasia was the daughter of industrialist Max Jungmeier and Anastasia Steiner. Prince Eugen of Anhalt and Anastasia Jungmeier were married in 1935

Princess Anastasia-Luise of Anhalt and Prince Maria Emanuel of Saxony after their civil wedding.
Anastasia-Luise and Maria Emanuel after their religious marriage.
Princess Anastasia Louise of Saxony, Princess of Anhalt.

Princess Anastasia-Luise of Anhalt civilly married Prince Maria Emanuel of Saxony (1926-2012) on 22 June 1962 at La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland. The couple’s religious wedding took place the following day. Maria Emanuel worked as a banker in Switzerland. He was also a painter of talent, and several exhibitions were held that displayed his work. In this vein, he shared a bond with his mother-in-law, Anastasia, who was also a noted painter. The princess signed her works as “Anastasia Jung.”

Prince Maria Emanuel and Princess Anastasia Louise at the funeral of Friedrich Christian.

Upon the death of Prince Friedrich Christian of Saxony in 1968, his son Maria Emanuel succeeded as the Head of the Royal House of Saxony and assumed took the title Margrave of Meißen. Anastasia-Luise and Maria Emanuel were married for fifty years when the Margrave of Meißen died on 23 July 2012. The couple did not have children. Maria Emanuel was succeeded as Head of House Saxony by his nephew and adopted son Prince Alexander, Margrave of Meißen, who is married to Princess Gisela of Bavaria. Princess Anastasia Luise, Dowager Margravine of Meißen, is very close to her nephew and adopted son Alexander, as well as his family, who all embody the future of the Royal House of Saxony.

Prince Maria Emanuel and Princess Anastasia Luise, Margrave and Margravine of Meißen.
Maria Emanuel and Anastasia Luise of Saxony with King Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.

Princess Anastasia-Luise of Saxony, Margravine of Meißen, lives in Switzerland.
Princess Anastasia-Louise, Margravine of Meißen, with Prince Alexander and Princess Gisela, Margrave and Margravine of Meißen, and their four children.
Princess Anastasia Louise and Princess Gisela with Pope Francis.
We wish Her Royal Highness many happy returns of the day!
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