The 70th Birthday of King Fuad II of Egypt

His Majesty King Fuad.
Photo (c) Fouad II, Official Site.

Today, HM King Fuad II of Egypt celebrates his seventieth birthday!

The infant prince in the Cairo’s Abdeen Palace.
King Farouk and Queen Narriman of Egypt with their son Prince Fuad.

Born on 16 January 1952 at Cairo, Prince Ahmad Fuad of Egypt was the first and only child of King Farouk of Egypt (1920-1965) and his second wife Queen Narriman (1933-2005; née Sadiq), who had married in 1951. From his father’s first marriage to Queen Farida (1921-1988; née Safinaz Zulficar), the little prince had three older sisters: Princess Ferial (1938-2009), Princess Fawzia (1940-2005), and Princess Fadia (1943-2002). The three sisters and their younger brother remained very close to one another.

Queen Narriman and King Farouk of Egypt with their son King Fuad II while in exile at Capri, 1953.

Following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, King Farouk abdicated on 26 July in favour of his six month old son, who became King Fuad II of Egypt. Fuad was never crowned, and he left with his parents and sisters for exile in Europe. A regency was established and headed by Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim. Owing to the political situation in the country, the infant king’s reign was to be very brief. On 18 June 1953, King Fuad II was deposed, the monarchy was abolished, and Egypt became a republic. The marriage of Fuad’s parents had deteriorated rather quickly; King Farouk and Queen Narriman divorced in 1954. One of the conditions of the divorce, which was sought by the queen, was that she would have to give up custody of her son. This proved a great source of pain to Narriman, who returned to Egypt. In 1954, Queen Narriman married Dr. Adham al-Nakib, who had been King Farouk’s personal doctor. The couple had one son, Akram, and divorced in 1961. King Farouk died in 1965 at the age of forty-five, having never remarried. 

The religious wedding of King Fuad II of Egypt, 1977.
King Fuad with his son Prince Muhammed Ali, 1979.

On 16 April 1976 at Paris, King Fuad II of Egypt civilly married Dominique-France Loeb-Picard (b.1948; upon her conversion to Islam she adopted the name Fadila), the daughter of David-Robert Loeb and Paule-Madeleine Picard. The couple were religiously married at Monte Carlo on 5 October 1977 in the presence of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. King Fuad and Queen Fadila had three children: Prince Muhammad Ali (b.1979; married Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan), Princess Fawzia-Latifa (b.1982; married Sylvain Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Renaudeau), and Prince Fakhruddin (b.1987). Fuad and Fadila’s marriage had faltered by the mid-1990s; the couple separated in 2002. King Fuad filed for divorce in 2006 and Fadila appealed his petition. The couple were finally granted a divorce in 2008.

King Fuad with his daughter-in-law Princess Noal Zaher and his son Prince Muhammed Ali on the occasion of their wedding, 2013.
Photo (c) Fouad II, Official Site.
King Fuad with his two eldest children, their spouses, and his grandchildren, 2021.
Photo (c) Fouad II, Official Site.

The last King of Egypt lives in Switzerland. King Fuad has four grandchildren. In 2013, the king’s eldest son Prince Muhammed Ali, Prince of the Sa’id, married Princess Noal Zaher Shah of Afghanistan, the daughter of Prince Muhammed Daoud Khan and Princess Fatima Begum. Prince Muhammed Ali and Princess Noal Zaher have two children, twins: Prince Fouad Zaher Hassan and Princess Farah-Noor of Egypt (b.2017). In 2019, the king’s daughter Princess Fawzia-Latifa married Sylvain Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Renaudeau; the couple have two children, a son Naël Renaudeau (b.2019), and a daughter, Dounia Renaudeau (b.2021). King Fuad is a close family friend to the Albanian Royal House and the Russian Imperial House, among others.

The king with his son, daughter-in-law, and their children, 2019.
Photo (c) Fouad II, Official Site.

Our congratulations to His Majesty on his birthday!

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