Tatiana Constantinovna Pavlova (1933-2022), Second Cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh



On 22 October 2022 at Moscow, Tatiana Constantinovna Pavlova died at the age of eighty-nine. By virtue of her descent from Grand Duke Constantine Nichaelovich of Russia, Tatiana was a second cousin of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021; né Prince of Greece and Denmark). 

Born on 29 January 1933 at Moscow, Tatiana Constantinovna Erchova was the only child and daughter of Constantin Alexandrovich Erchov (1902-1938), an engineer, and Princess Tatiana Petrovna Urusova (1903-1942), who wed in 1932. From her mother’s first marriage to Alexander Ivanovich Berzing, Tatiana had an older half-sister, Lydia Alexandrovna Berzing (1924-2012). 
Tatiana Erchova attended the Moscow State University and pursued a career as a journalist. On 27 December 1958 at Moscow, Tatiana married Anatoly Ivanovich Volkov (b.1926-?). The couple had one son, Maxim Anatolievich Volkov (b.Moscow 17 December 1961; married Natalia Alexeievna Alexandrova). Tatiana and Anatoly’s marriage ended in divorce. On 21 May 1966 at Moscow, Tatiana married Mikhail Borisovich Pavlov (b.1931-?). Tatiana is survived by her son, Maxim, and her grandchildren.
Tatiana’s grandmother Marina Constantinovna Kniazeva.
Tatiana’s paternal grandparents were Alexander Pavlovich Erchov and Marina Constantinovna Kniazeva. Her maternal grandparents were Prince Peter Dmitrievich Ouroussov (1869-1933) and Natalia Vladimirovna Istomina (1874-1963).
The Descent of Tatiana from the Russian Imperial Family
Grand Duke Constantine Nichaelovich of Russia (21 September 1827-25 January 1892) & Anna Vasilievna Kousnetzov (d.December 1922)
Marina Constantinovna Kniazev (8 December 1875-8 June 1941) m.24 April 1894 Alexander Pavlovich Erchov (6 July 1861-1920)
Constantine Alexandrovich Erchov (May 1902-executed August 1938) m.1932 Princess Tatiana Petrovna Ouroussova (1903-killed in action 8 March 1942)
Tatiana Constantinovna Erchova (1933-2022)
The Genealogical Ties between Tatiana and the Duke of Edinburgh
Grand Duke Constantine Nichaelovich of Russia -> Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia -> Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark -> Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Grand Duke Constantine Nichaelovich of Russia -> Marina Constantinovna Kniazeva -> Constantine Alexandrovich Erchov -> Tatiana Constantinovna Erchova

For more information about the life of Tatiana, you can visit this Russian-language post about her passing:

Кончина Татьяны Константиновны Павловой

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