Superb Objets d’Art to be Auctioned from the Estate of Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg

On 30 March, the auction house Neumeister will be hosting a magnificent sale: Hidden Treasures – Treasures from the House of Württemberg. The historically significant items contained in the auction come from the estate of Duke Ferdinand Eugen of Württemberg (1925-2020). Neumeister received sixty wooden boxes in 2021; these boxes and the treasures therein were from the the Württemberg royal family’s former castle in Carlsruhe, which was destroyed in 1945 by the Red Army – but not before the Württembergs were able to move their heritage from the castle. Among the collection are beautiful and poignant portraits of members of the royal families of Württemberg, France, Austria, and Bulgaria. Duke Ferdinand Eugen was the eldest child of Duke Albrecht Eugen of Württemberg (1895-1954) and Princess Nadejda of Bulgaria (1899-1958). He was a grandson of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria. 

Source: Neumeister 

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