The Barringer Invitational Lecture on Monday evening will be presented by Professor Amy Mainzer. Her title is “Earth-Approaching Asteroids and Comets: Opportunity and Risk.” The lecture will be on campus at the Fowler Museum and is open to the public.

Talks for technical sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Poster sessions will occur on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Awards ceremony and medalists’ talks will be held at the Luskin Center on Wednesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon there will be a special symposium discussing recent and planned asteroid missions and asteroid-meteorite connections. The meeting will formally conclude at noon on Friday. Some delegates may choose to travel home, others may want to stay to explore Los Angeles or further afield (see suggested post-conference activities).

The technical program (with links to abstracts) can be found here.

Authors and other participants may check the author index to see where presentations have been scheduled. Authors should also review their names in these products and, if updates are needed, email them to

Presenter instructions can be found here.