Princess Sofia of Bulgaria Graduates from Swiss University

Princess Sofia with her parents, Prince Konstantin and Princess Maria, with her brother Prince Umberto at the release of her grandfather King Simeon’s autobiography, 2016.
Photo (c) Shutterstock.

Princess Sofia of Bulgaria recently graduated with a bachelors from EHL Hospitality Business School at Lausanne, Switzerland. The name of the princess appeared on her diploma as Sofia Sajonia Coburgo Gotha Garcia de la Rasilla. Born on 20 November 1999, Princess Sofia of Bulgaria was born with her twin brother Prince Umberto in Madrid. Sofia and Umberto are the only children of Prince Konstantin-Assen of Bulgaria, Prince of Vidin, and his wife Princess Maria (née Garcia de la Rasilla y Gortazar), who married in 1994.


Our congratulations to Princess Sofia on her graduation!

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