Princess of Baden, A Great-Niece of Duke of Edinburgh, Marries German Financier

According to the recent edition of the German magazine BUNTE, Princess Aglaë of Baden has recently married Wolf von Trotha at Amorbach.

Princess Aglaë of Baden
Photo Source: Garten Design

Princess Aglaë Margarete Tatiana Mary of Baden was born at Heidelberg on 3 March 1981. She is the second daughter, and third and youngest child, of Prince Ludwig of Baden (b.1937) and Princess Marianne von Auersperg-Breunner (b.1943). Aglaë’s older siblings are Princess Sophie (b.1975) and Prince Berthold of Baden (b.1976). Princess Aglaë is a granddaughter of Margrave Berthold of Baden (1906-1963) and Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (1906-1969); Aglaë is thus a great-niece of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Princess Aglaë works as a furniture designer.

Wolf von Trotha
Photo Source: Crunchbase
Wolf-Georg Heinrich von Trotha was born in 1974 as the son of Thilo Wolf-Heinrich von Trotha (b.1940) and Baroness Sophie Spies von Büllesheim (b.1940). Wolf von Trotha works as Head of Capital Market/Sales of Norddeutsche Landesbank Luxembourg S.A. He has served as a Venture Partner at Motu Ventures Management GmbH. Wolf previously worked as a consultant at Roland Berger.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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