Prince Jan Paweł Sapieha-Różański (1935-2021)

The Sapieha family: Jan Paweł, Paola, Cristina, Michael, and Anna.

On 6 August 2021, Prince Jan Paweł Sapieha-Różański died at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The prince was eighty-five years-old. Born on 26 August 1935 at Warsaw, Jan Paweł was the first of three sons of Prince Jan Andrzej Sapieha-Rozanski and his wife Princess Maria (née Zdziechowska). Prince Jan Paweł had two younger brothers: Prince Jerzy Andrzej (1937-2010) and Prince Eustachy Piotr (1947-2005). 

Princess Charlotte and Prince Jan Paweł, 1970.
Photo (c) Terry Daum.

On 18 December 1964 at London, Prince Jan Paweł Sapieha-Różański married Claudine Cumberledge (b.1938), the daughter of Claude Cumberlege and his wife Nora Kirby. The couple had one son, Prince Michael (b.1966), before eventually divorcing and receiving an annulment from the Roman Catholic Church in 1980. 

On 16 May 1980 at Petropólis, Prince Jan Paweł Sapieha-Różański married Princess Cristina of Orléans-Braganza (b.1950), the daughter of Prince Pedro Gastão of Orléans-Braganza and Princess Maria de la Esperanza of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. The couple had two daughters, Princess Anna Theresa (b.1981; married Benjamin Furlong) and Princess Paola Maria (b.1983; married Prince Constantin Swiatopolk-Czetwertynski). Prince Jan and Princess Cristina divorced in 1988.

May the Prince Rest in Peace.
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