On This Day in 2007: The Death of Prince Theodore Romanoff


Fifteen years ago today, Prince Theodore Romanoff died on 25 August 2007 at Pompano Beach, Florida. The prince was thirty-two years-old.

The New York Daily News of 12 December 1974 announces the arrival of Prince Theodore, 
A young Prince Theodore.
Photo (c) Jacques Ferrand.

Born on 30 November 1974 at New York City, Prince Theodore Romanoff was the only child of Prince Nikita Romanoff (1923- 2007) and his wife Princess Anna Mikhailovna (1933-2017; née Janet Anne Schonwald), who wed in 1961. Theodore’s paternal grandparents were Prince Nikita of Russia (1900-1974) and Countess Maria Vorontzova-Daschkova (1903-1997). His maternal grandparents were Emanuel Schonwald (1903-1976) and Ethel Diamond (1907-1995).

Prince Nikita and Princess Janet Romanov, 1986.

In February 1978, Prince Nikita and Princess Janet were with their son Theodore in Palm Beach. The Miami Herald recorded a little glimpse of this close family unit: “Vacationing Nikita Romanoff, of New York, said he thought the carnival was just fine for him and his three year-old son, Theodore. ‘Ah, yes. It looks nice, all the colours, in front of the church,’ Romanoff said, waiting for Theodore to finish a ride. ‘This is his first carnival. We brought him here this morning then took him to lunch and brought him back this afternoon. Now he’s going to take a nap.’” 

Prince Theodore and his paternal grandmother Princess Maria, 1994 in Cannes.
Photo (c) Jacques Ferrand.

Prince Theodore Romanoff studied Classics and Egyptian and ancient languages at Columbia University and at Brown University, where he earned a M.A. with honors. He faithfully took care of his father, Prince Nikita, who died on 3 May 2007, following Nikita suffering many complications from a stroke. 

May Theodore’s memory always be a blessing.

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