Not Coup! Prince Reuß Arrested for Plotting to Overthrow German Government


This morning, along with around twenty-five other individuals, Prince Heinrich XIII Reuß zu Köstritz was arrested in Germany. The group, labeled as a terrorist organisation, was planning to overthrow the current German government, and install Prince Heinrich XIII as monarch. Former members of the military were involved, as well as several individuals with close associations to the far-right wing Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) political party.

Born on 4 December 1951 at Büdingen, Prince Heinrich XIII is the fifth child and fourth son of Prince Heinrich I Reuß zu Köstritz (1910-1982) and Duchess Woizlawa-Feodora of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1918-2019). The prince is divorced with two children. Heinrich XIII is a second cousin of Princess (former Queen) Beatrix of the Netherlands.
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