Imperial Twins Turn 60: Archduke István and Archduchess Viridis of Austria

Archduchess Anna-Eugénie and Archduke Felix of Austria, 1952.
Photo (c) Getty Image / Keystone-France.

In 1961, Archduke Felix of Austria and his wife Archduchess Anna-Eugénie (née Princess of Arenberg) welcomed twins, the couple’s sixth and seventh children, who completed their family. Archduke István Franz-Leopold Johannes Maria Rudolph Theresius Marcus d’Aviano Balthasar of Austria and Archduchess Viridis Aloisia Marie-Eleonore Elisabeth Marcus d’Aviano Caspara of Austria made their entrance on 22 September 1961 at Mexico City. István and Viridis have five older siblings: Archduchess Maria del Pilar (b.1953), Archduke Karl Philipp (b.1954), Archduchess Kinga (b.1955), Archduke Raimund (1958-2008), and Archduchess Miriam (b.1959).

István and Paola, 1993.
Archduchess Paola and Archduke István of Austria, 2019.
In 1993, Archduke István of Austria married Hungarian aristocrat Paola de Temesváry (b.1971), the daughter of Laszlo Imre de Temesváry and Maria Csilla Rozenszki. Archduke István and Archduchess Paola have three children: Archduke Andreas (b.1994), Archduke Pál (b.1997), and Archduchess Marguerite (b.1999). 

Carl and Viridis, 1990.

In 1990, Archduchess Viridis of Austria married Carl Harold William Dunning-Gribble (b.1961), the son of Sir Guy Dunning-Gribble and Carola Batsch. Archduchess Viridis and Mr. Dunning-Gribble have four children: Carl-Leopold (b.1991), Ferdinand (b.1992), Maximilian (b.1996), and Marie-Charlotte (b.2001).

Our best wishes to Archduke István and Archduchess Viridis on the occasion of their birthdays!

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