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After a long wait (the book was sent to print in the earlier part of the year), we are delighted to bring to you EUROHISTORY’s latest contribution to royal history studies!

The Royal House of Bavaria (Volume 1) is dedicated to the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty, one of Germany’s longest-lasting royal dynasties!

This newest EUROHISTORY production was authored by Arturo E. Beéche and Coryne Hall. Both authors, among them have not only written nearly 30 books, but also published more than a hundred articles inside the pages of today’s most prominent royalty magazines and journals: MAJESTY, EUROHISTORY, and Royalty Digest Quarterly. Furthermore, both Ms Hall and Mr Beéche have lectured extensively on royal topics in Europe and America.

The storyline inside this book begins with the Bavarian Succession Crisis of 1777, when for the first time in centuries the dynasties two main thrones were occupied by the same person after centuries of being separated in two lines. Then, the authors bring us back to the very beginning of the dynasty and meticulously go through the centuries during which the Wittelsbachs served as Electors Palatine, Electors of Bavaria, and Counts Palatine. Following this very comprehensive study, the authors allocated separate chapters for each of the Bavarian kingdom’s six monarchs (Maximilian I Jospeh, Ludwig I, Maximilian II, Ludwig II, Otto, and Ludwig III). Prince Regent Luitpold and his immediate family are included in the chapter on King Otto, since Luitpold served as his nephews’s regent for over a quarter of a century. The last chapter is dedicated to Crown Prince Rupprecht, “the best king Bavaria never had.” The book’s Epilogue explains the complicated set of circumstances that brought there Jacobite rights to the throne of England and Scotland from the Stuarts to the shoulders of the present Head of House Bavaria, Duke France, and eventually into the House of Liechtenstein.

A dynasty this complex required several family trees. Hence, the authors built nine genealogical trees that explain the family from its beginning to the present day. These intricate genealogical tables are clearly presented to the reader over sixteen pages!

The Royal House of Bavaria (Volume 1) is the sixth book coauthored by Hall and Beéche, and hopefully not their last collaboration!

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Book’s cover: Schloß Neuschwanstein
King Maximilian I Joseph, r. 1806-1825


King Ludwig I, r. 1825-1848


King Maximilian II, r. 1848-1864


King Ludwig II, r. 1864-1886


King Otto, r. 1886-1913 (d. 1916)


Prince Regent Luitpold, regent 1886-1912
King Ludwig III, r. 1913-1918 (d. 1921)


Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria


The Royal House of Bavaria


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