EUROHISTORY: New Pricing for Our Books

Hello Readers,

As we prepare for the new titles being added to our inventory, we have reduced the price for most of our books by 10-20%!

We hope to clear much-needed space, while also making our publications more accessible to a wider group of readers…

Our storefront at AMAZON is located at:

Here are the individual book listings…

To order directly, you can contact us at:
Kensington House Books
6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights, CA 94805-1618
To pay by credit card, please call: 510.236.1730. You may also mail your credit card information to our address above or use our secure system by sending us an email at: [email protected]
We also accept Paypal at our address: [email protected]
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Venmo

For readers in Europe, we recommend the you order our books from: or from our UK Amazon site:

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