Eurohistory, Issue CXXVI – Summer 2020, Volume 23.2



Greetings subscribers and EUROHISTORY readers,

We are delighted to announce that Issue CXXVI – Summer 2020, Volume 23.2 is going to the printer!

Inside the magazine, subscribers will find a varied number of expertly researched articles. These include the following:

1. Who Is In the Photograph: The Battenberg Family, (c. 1895) – by Ilana D. Miller

2. The Viking’s Bride – Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden, by Coryne Hall

3. Agnes – The First American Princess, by Shelby Morrison

4. “Don’t think of coming back… Empress Eugénie and the Demise of the Second Empire,” by Arturo E. Beéche, Publisher

5. The Tenuta Reale – A Grand Villa in Tuscany for Two Remarkable Infantas of Spain, by Ricardo Mateos Saínz de Medrano

6. Book Reviews

7. Royal News


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