Death of the Head of the Princely House of Bismarck

Aged eighty-eight, Fürst Ferdinand von Bismarck has passed away following complications experienced during a surgery. Ferdinand was the great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck, former German Chancellor. The late fürst is survived by his wife, Fürstin Elisabeth (b.1939; née Lippens), and by three children: the new Fürst Carl-Eduard (b.1961), Count Gregor (b.1964), and Countess Vanessa (b.1971). Ferdinand was predeceased by one son, Count Gottfried (1962-2007).

Born on 22 November 1930 at London, Ferdinand was the eldest son of Fürst Otto von Bismarck (1897-1975) and Fürstin Ann-Mari (1907-1999; née Tengbom). Ferdinand had one older sister, Countess Mari Ann (1929-1981), as well as four younger siblings: Count Carl Alexander (1935-1992), Count Maximilian (b.1947), Countess Gunilla (b.1949), and Count Eduard (b.1951).

Fürst Ferdinand von Bismarck spent his early years in Sweden, his mother’s homeland. He then attended Schloß Salem and went on to study economics and law. Ferdinand was the Deputy Chairman of the Von Bismarck Family Association.

Source: Bunte

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