All In The Family: King Albert and Queen Paola Meet Princess Delphine

On Sunday afternoon, King Albert of Belgium and his wife Queen Paola met with his daughter Princess Delphine at the couple’s Belvédère residence.

This is the first time that King Albert has seen his daughter in at least thirty years, and it is the first occasion when Queen Paola has ever met Princess Delphine.

The following statement was released by the king, queen, and princess after the meeting.


This Sunday, October 25, a new chapter opened, filled with emotion, appeasement, understanding and, also, hope.

Our meeting took place at the Château du Belvédère, a meeting during which each of us was able to express, calmly and with empathy, our feelings and our experiences.

After the turmoil, the wounds and the suffering, comes the time for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. This is the path, patient and at times difficult, that we have decided to take resolutely together.

These first steps open the way which it is now up to us to pursue peacefully.

Delphine, Paola and Albert


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