A Future Duchess of Alba Is on the Way: The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar Expect Their First Child


The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar are expecting their first child: a daughter. The Duke of Huéscar is the eldest son of the Duke of Alba.


The Duke of Huéscar is Fernando Fitz-James Stuart y Solís (b.1990). Fernando is the son of Carlos Martinez de Irujo y Fitzjames-Stuart, Duke of Alba, and Matilda de Solis y Martinez de Campos. Fernando is the paternal grandson of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba, and her first husband Pedro Luis Martinez de Irujo. Fernando is the maternal grandson of Fernando de Solís-Beaumont y Atienza, Marqués de la Motilla, and María Isabel Martínez de Campos y Rodríguez de la Boeta.


The Duchess of Huéscar is Sofía Palazuelo Barroso. Sofía is the daughter of Fernando Palazuelo Baldasúa and Sofía Barroso Fernández de Araoz.


Fernando and Sofía were married at the Palacio de Liria in Madrid on 6 October 2018. The couple’s wedding was attended by Queen Sofía of Spain, King Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, and Princess Anne of The Two Sicilies, Dowager Duchess of Calabria.


Cayetana, the (late) great-grandmother of the baby-to-be, was the most well known Spanish aristocrat of her time. The Duchess of Alba lived a colourful and full life. She would surely be over the moon with this happy announcement from her grandson and granddaughter.

Fernando, Duke of Huéscar, is a descendant of James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick, Duke of Liria and Jérica, and Duke of Fitz-James. James FitzJames was the illegitimate son of King James II of England and Arabella Churchill.

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