A Fabulous Royal Marriage: Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta and Princess Claude d’Orléans

The engagement between Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, and Princess Claude d’Orléans was announced in September 1963. Prince Amedeo of Savoy (b.1943) was the only child of Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta, and Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark. Princess Claude (b.1943) was the ninth child and fifth daughter of Prince Henri, Count of Paris, and Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza.

Amedeo and Claude were married on 22 July 1964 at Sintra, Portugal, in a beautiful ceremony attended by a myriad of their relatives and friends.

The Duke and Duchess of Aosta are the parents of three children, one son and two daughters. Princess Bianca of Savoy-Aosta was born in 1966, Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta arrived in 1967, and Princess Mafalda of Savoy-Aosta was born in 1969.

The union of Amedeo and Claude deteriorated, and their marriage became unsustainable. The couple separated on 20 July 1976, they then obtained a civil divorce on 26 April 1982, and, finally, an annulment from the Holy See was granted on 8 January 1987. Both Prince Amedeo and Princess Claude have since remarried.

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